Why Choose Our Studio

You probably have some questions about what a session is like with Alexandra Hunt Photography!
From start to finish, we’ve worked hard to make our maternity and newborn experience the best around! Read on to find out why we hope you choose US!
You can read our frequently asked questions HERE, too!

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From the very first inquiry onward, you’ll know what’s going on, what happens next, and will have information and examples at your fingertips in our handy-dandy prep guides and galleries.  Additional questions? Send an email!


Our booking process is online, and can be completed in about 5 minutes.  We accept major credit cards or online email transfers.


 Gosh, getting out with a new baby can be an adventure! From diapers and burp cloths, to a private nursing room and bathroom, to everything in between, we’ve got you covered down to the tiniest detail.   After “shopping” through our prop collection, our clients get to sit back, put their feet up, and relax while we soothe their little one


We’ll give you a what-to-wear suggestion guide. Can’t decide what to wear? Wardrobe pieces are available for maternity clients, as well as dresses for toddler siblings. Even the new mama gets in on the fun, with a selection of flattering postpartum clothing just for her!


Our collection of newborn props and accessories is one of the largest around, and is always growing, so that whether you like simple and classic, or fun and colour, there will be LOTS of items to choose from when you arrive. We also encourage you to bring a couple of sentimental items from home (like a baby blanket) – these are YOUR images – let’s customize them and personalize them to your favourite colours and themes that are meaningful to your family!


My first priority is ALWAYS baby’s comfort and safety – after 9 years in the industry and close to 800 babies photographed, I know how to soothe the fussiest of babies, and will do alternative setups for babies who are unsettled, awake, or older. Often, complicated setups are actually “composites” – I take multiple photos and combine them in photoshop so that baby is safe at all times. Like weddings, the newborn stage is time sensitive – there’s no do-overs. Whether or not you choose me, I always recommend choosing a photographer with multiple years of experience, not only for the resulting images, but to keep baby safe at all times.


I recommend doing a maternity session (28-32 weeks), as well as a newborn session (6-14 days old, before baby uncurls/awakes and fussiness/colic set in), and two older baby sessions, to capture the mid-year/chubby baby stage as well as the very different first birthday/toddler stage.  We offer discounts to returning newborn clients and we also offer multi-session packages.

 I work with clients who are in a very busy time of life, and they appreciate not having to choose their print sizes and products while they are in the middle of sleep-deprivation! All of our packages include full-size, high-resolution, professionally edited images files that are delivered via digital download. We also provide a print release for permission to print yourself, and a guide on getting the best results from your images. Easy peasy! You can print when and where you want!

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