I've been a full-time photographer for over 12 years now, and have had an incredible journey full of twists and turns along the way.  

I originally attended UBC with the goal of becoming a pediatric neonatologist (ie. newborn doctor specialist), but ended up moving across the continent to follow my fiancé after graduation.  While planning our wedding, I became a writer for a New York-based wedding planning company, and began photographing to supplement my articles.  My images were noticed by some prominent photographers, and with encouragement, grew from there.

Many years of blood, sweat, and tears later, I became one of the most popular wedding photographers in the province and won the national editor's choice award three years straight for my superior imagery and quality of service for my customers.  I reached a CMPRO level designation, and had my work featured in magazines and publications across North American and Europe.

I had always done family and baby portraiture as a sideline, but weddings were my bread and butter. However, the physical stress of being a high-volume wedding photographer was too much for my body. I lost 5 pregnancies, as well as a set of twins, due to the pressures put on me emotionally as well as physically by my work. Western medicine was less than helpful, but a special TCM doctor gave me the advice that would change my life. He suggested that I work with babies instead of brides full-time, to heal my body as well as my heart. I changed direction and opened up a baby studio instead. 

One thousand and three hundred baby sessions later, I run a successful, full-time maternity and newborn studio! I adore my work, and although I have a lot of fun with my clients, I am a consummate professional.  As with weddings, newborn photography is time-sensitive and requires professional expertise.  It's such a short period - there is no chance for do-overs, and newborn safety is so important.  I enjoy providing an unmatched experience for my clients, and am honoured with their return with subsequent children.  

As for my own children? Well, after 6 miscarriages, Western medicine gave me a 0.3 % chance of ever carrying to term, but with the help of traditional Chinese medicine and the ever-calming and joyful work of newborn photography, I am now the proud mother of four children...including another set of twins! My twin pregnancy was incredibly hard - carrying 16 lbs of twins literally broke me, and I ended up disabled for almost a year. My back and pelvic injuries meant that I had to relearn how to sit, stand, and walk again, while taking care of my young children and newborn twins. It was very slow progress, and I am continually amazed at how amazing the miracle of life is - and how strong us mamas can be!

This background makes me ultra sensitive and empathetic, and always willing to lend a shoulder (or secret baby-whispering tip!) to expecting and new moms. It is such an incredible journey to parenthood, and I am so privileged to get to capture it.


xo, Alexandra