God blessed the broken road that led me to where I am now.

I had two dreams when I was a child: one, to have lots of children, and two, to become a pediatric neonatologist (newborn specialist doctor).

After graduation from university, I fell in love and ended up across the country, engaged and writing for a wedding planning company based in New York. I needed images for my articles, so I picked up a camera and started learning. My blog had a readership in the millions, and my work was soon noticed online by prominent wedding photographers. One flew in and over dinner one night, one of my favourite rock-star 'togs encouraged me to 'go pro.' I never do anything by halves, so years of blood, sweat, and tears followed, and around the time my first child was born I became a very successful wedding photographer as well.


Internationally published across North America and Europe, I held a CM Pro level designation, master status, and was a 3-time winner of the National Editor's Choice award for "excellence in imagery, customer service, and most publications worldwide, ... top 5% of photographers." I worked non-stop, often gone 5 days a week. It got to the point that my toddler would cry when I left the room: "no, mama! no go weddings!"


Success came at a heavy price. My body was worn-out from the physical demands and emotional stress of my job, culminating in the loss of a set of twins, and then multiple miscarriages back-to-back after my surgery. After losing my 6th pregnancy, Western medicine threw up its hands and gave me a 0.3% of ever carrying another child successfully to term.


So, I tried Traditional Chinese Medicine as my last hope. My doctor gave me the advice that would change my life: "In many cultures, women who cannot get pregnant or carry are put in positions where they work with babies...have you ever tried baby photography?" Well, yes, I had, since the start, I did family and baby photography on the side, but weddings were my bread and butter. I had a hard choice to make, but motherhood was my dream.


I opened up a newborn studio.


It's been 14 years now, and during that time I have photographed thousands of babies and their families at my Langley studio. I love my work, and found that the peaceful energy of working with expectant mothers and their tiny miracles was exactly what I needed.


Miracles of my own followed... with Traditional Chinese medicine, I was able to regain my health and happiness and had another daughter, and then a spontaneous set of twin boys!
It is hard to understand why hardships and tragedy happen, but sometimes, looking back, you can see that the unexpected twists and turns of life lead you exactly where you are meant to be. I am blessed to say all of my dreams have now come true: I am the mother of 4 on earth and in a photography sense, a newborn specialist after all! ♡



Registered and fully-insured, Alexandra Hunt has been professionally photographing weddings and babies full-time for over 14 years. With thousands of babies and their families photographed in that time, she is experienced at providing consistently beautiful images in any situation, and in providing a client experience that is second to none.


Her Langley, B.C. studio is cozy, relaxing, and welcoming to clients and their little ones. She delights in capturing the all-too-fleeting moments of pregnancy and infancy, in a way that puts a smile on the faces of parents and children alike.


A mother herself (4 children, including twins!), with a extensive history of multiple pregnancy losses, she is patient, sensitive, empathetic, and always willing to lend an ear, shoulder (or secret baby-whispering tip!) to nervous new parents.

Maternity, newborn, and baby photo studio


located in langley, british columbia