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New to cloth diapering? Have a few (ok, a ton) of questions?

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How Many Cloth Diapers Do I Need?

Our Easy Cloth Diaper Laundry Routine



kanga care wet bags_WEB

We use Kanga care hanging wet bags attached to our changing table instead of a pail. We also use them for going out, since they are waterproof and zip shut.

lionheart wipes warmer grovia cloth wipes_WEB

We use grovia cloth wipes and a Lion heart wipes warmer for keeping warm water handy (warm cleans better than cold). We carry a peri squirt bottle (from the L+D ward of the hospital after delivery) in our diaper bag for water on the go.

For daytime, going out, or alternative caregivers we prefer pocket style diapers: Pocket diapers have an opening that allows you to “stuff” them with the insert of your choice.

We adore three brands of pocket diapers, AMP onesize, Applecheeks (two size), and Easy Peasies (one-size). All three of these brands are made exclusively in Canada from Canadian materials and provided a great fit and superior containment because of the ultra-cute ruffled elastics. AMP and EP are one-size, but EP fits a larger size range and our tall toddler well. AC has two sizes, but the gap between size one and two is large – we find they fit well on newborns and tall toddlers.

We stuff all of our pocket diapers with Applecheeks 2 layer bamboo inserts that we fold to fit. We find them very soft, flexible, stain-resistant, and absorbent, and worked perfectly alone for the first year of baby’s life.
For our toddler, we have added a AMP 2 layer hemp booster to our Applecheeks (AC) 2 layer bamboo inserts. This increases the absorbency without much bulk, and the AMP hemp boosters are cheaper and thirstier than the AC bamboo boosters. We also love the Applecheeks 3 layer bamboo inserts, and use those in our Applecheeks size 2 diapers because they fit so well in the bigger cut of the AC diapers.

amp diaper_WEB


applecheeks diaper_WEB


easy peasies diaper_WEB


For overnight, heat spells, or rashes we prefer ultra-breathable and absorbent fitted diapers with covers.  Mother-ease was the company that revolutionized cloth diapering back at the end of the 1980s. Their factory is in Canada and is completely green powered. They have the most affordable fitted diapers out there (and the best quality!) cheap shipping ($5), and their products last forever and ever and ever and ever. I even have some fitteds that are 10 years old and used on 3 kids before mine, and are fine!

motherease sandy's fitted_WEB


We love the Sandy’s fitted (four sizes from newborn to giant toddler) so much that I’ve bought a full set in each size for future children! The ruffles keep even newborn baby poop in. They are the most absorbent diapers on the market – a large bamboo sandy’s with booster absorbs 22 oz (compared to around 7 oz for an AC bamboo 2 ply insert). Our baby was able to wear the large sandy’s at around 6 months.

The airflow covers are a full-cut and feature open sides that allow air to flow (hence, “airflow cover”) around baby. I’ve tried dozens of covers before these, and wish I just tried these first! These covers fit loosely (but smoosh under clothes), but don’t leak…ever..and are fantastic in hot weather or for rash-prone babies (my daughter has food allergies).

The one-size fitted is bulky on newborns, but we love the fit on our one year old. It is not as absorbent as the sandy’s fitted (because that thing is KING), but still twice as absorbent as a lot of more expensive fitted diapers. A onesize diaper will cost you around $13 – most fitteds are in the $30-$50 range! We love these for daytime, and find that the snap-in booster is required.

EDITED TO ADD: We are exclusively using Motherease fitteds with our twin newborns and have not had a single leak! AMAZING!

motherease onesize fitted_WEB

mother-ease “sandy’s” bamboo or cotton fitted diaper
+ airflow cover
+ stay dry booster (for overnight)

mother-ease “one-size” bamboo or cotton fitted diaper
+ airflow cover
+ snap in booster



* = our personal recommendations

Alva Pocket Diaper *

AMP Annie Marie Padorie One Size Pocket Diaper*

Applecheeks Pocket Diaper*

Applecheeks Bamboo Insert*

Bummis Flannel Fitted Diapers

Bummis Dimple Nighttime Diaper

Bummis Simply Lite Cover*

Blueberry Coverall cover *
lueberry Mini Coverall cover *

Easy Peasies Pocket Diaper*

Easy Peasies All-in-One Diaper *

Easy Peasies Newborn All-in-One diaper

Easy Peasies Swim Diaper 

Grovia Cloth Wipes*

Kanga Care Wet Bag*

Mother-Ease Sandy’s Fitted*

Mother-Ease One-Size Fitted*

Mother-Ease Airflow Cover*

Nuggles Bamboo insert

Nuggles wet bag

Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer*

Super Be Diaper bag by Ju-Ju-Be*

Sweet Pea One-Size Cover

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