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Easy Peasies Pocket Diaper | Review

easy peasies cloth diaper review

I’m so lucky to be a product tester for so many great brands. Today’s review is for a newer Canadian cloth diapering brand called “Easy Peasies” – like my favourite saying “easy peasy, lemon squeezy!”I was provided with a diaper for the purposes of this review, but as always, my opinions are unbiased and my own!


The Easy Peasies Pocket diaper is a “pocket” cloth diaper – meaning that there is an opening in the diaper where you put an absorbent insert.  Only the soft fleece touches baby, and inner gussets and soft ruffly elastics keep messes in! It’s also one-size (which we love), and is adjustable down to the tiniest newborn and up to toddlers. You can buy it as a cover alone ($15.99), or with your choice of inserts (or use your own).

easy peasies cloth diaper review

From the brand:
“Offering you 6 sizes in 1 the Pocket Cover is the most versatile diaper by Easy Peasies. Covering newborn, and sizes 1 through 5 (compared to disposables) the 3×4 rise adjustment snaps, and two rows of waist snaps give you a truly customizable fit. By adding a 2nd row of waist snaps we’ve given you the ability to stagger the fit, so you can leave more space for chubby legs if needed without loosening the waist. Crossover snaps on the hip allow you to get a tiny fit for newborns and double as a means for easy tuck, roll and snap shut for dirty diapers.”

About $16 for the diaper cover, $22-$24 for the diaper and insert. This is a one-size diaper, so you don’t have to buy additional sizes!


pin - the company

Easy Peasies (EP) is a Canadian-made cloth diaper company based out of Stanley, New Brunswick. I have found that the owner, Jessica Mackenzie, is always available to answer any questions related to her products or cloth diapering. This company has very pleasant customer service and a good warranty on their products. Easy Peasies also offers all-in-one diapers, newborn diapers, and an assortment of other baby products.


easy peasies cloth diaper review



easy peasies cloth diaper review

The fleece is the softest I’ve met in a cloth diaper, the PUL is wonderfully stretchy, and the elastics leave no red marks WHATSOEVER. Woot!

These diapers are made in Alberta from Canadian materials, Easy Peasies is based on the East Coast, in New Brunswick.

These overlapping snaps on the tabs mean that this diaper goes TINY for newbies, and allows you the snap shut a soiled diaper before tossing it in your wet bag – great for on the go!

Gentle ruffled leg elastics don’t leave red marks on our baby’s sensitive skin, but keep messes in, and not on our baby, us, or the furniture!

Seriously – this is the BEST fitting diaper we’ve tried. The wings stretch softly and easily across baby, wrapping and snapping kind of like a bandaid feeling. Does that make sense? Because of this soft, snug fit, liquid poop is contained without the need for additional ruffled elastics at the waist (which I found dug into my baby’s belly in other brands). It’s seriously the perfect waist! The crotch is super super trim between baby’s legs, as narrow as a version 1.0 Charlie Banana or V.2 fuzzi bunz elite (circa 2011). That’s like crazy narrow. 🙂


Easy Peasies diapers have a soft fleece inner gusset that acts as a first barrier for messes (but trust me, those leg and back ruffles are holding it IN). I’ve tried double-gusset pockets before and the gusset was really hard (like who wants to sit on a bumpy diaper??), but these are soft and comfy for baby.

easy peasies cloth diaper review


EP has a great selection of modern colours, with new ones added regularly. I love their “mint”!

easy peasies cloth diaper review


It’s one-size. That means we only have to buy one set (24-36 for a full stash) for our baby, not one set for every size!

easy peasies cloth diaper revieweasy peasies cloth diaper review

easy peasies cloth diaper review

It’s one-size. This also means that if we have two children in diapers at the same time, we can adjust the diapers quickly to suit the baby being changed. Snap snap! On the newborn! Unsnap! On the toddler!

Pocket diapers that use adjustable elastics inside (like Fuzzi Bunz or Charlie Banana) would not be transferable in this way. You’d have to get a set per child.
Pocket opening allows for added absorbency, and allows you to use the inserts of your choice (whether for budget, personal preference, or absorbency).



Both the bamboo fleece insert and the microfiber+hemp insert combination are absorbent enough to last during daytime use (we change every 2-3 hours).

These diapers are REALLY trim. “Trim” is a subjective word in the cloth diapering world (I know there are people who would describe a leading pocket as trim, yet said pocket is bigger than an old-school fitted they describe as “enormous” – go figure), but these EP pocket diapers are slim between the legs, and don’t give a sticking out silhouette of “shelf butt” like some brands.


pin - don't like

Nothing, really. We have had some minor quality issues in the past (unfinished threads, broken snap), but the owner is very responsive and helpful, and now offers a discount on cosmetically imperfect diapers (under her “seconds” section). We love the fit (seriously: number one cloth diapering tip: find a diaper with ruffled elastics!) I have also found that they dry very quickly in the dryer. Some people prefer natural fibers for inserts (myself included), EP now has a bamboo fleece insert as well!


check verdict

Would I recommend these to others?


Would I recommend someone to make a whole stash of just these?
Yes, because they are trim, comfy for baby, absorbent, and affordable compared to similar options.



Direct from Easy Peasies







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