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When should I book my maternity and newborn sessions?

Book your sessions as early as possible – once you have passed the 12th week of pregnancy you may book! My spots are not unlimited, so it is important to book in advance.
Maternity sessions are held 29-35 weeks at our Langley studio only.  Posed newborn sessions are held at 7-14 days after birth, at our Langley studio. Older newborn sessions (no posing or props) are lifestyle and held between 4-10 weeks after birth. We do not offer in-home sessions or outdoor sessions.

Our sessions are Monday-Friday, weekends are not normally available, only upon special request at an additional cost of + $150.

Can I include a pet in our session(s)?

Sorry, our insurance and allergies mean that the studio is a pet-free zone, without exception.

How do I book a photo session?

Use the contact form to get started!  We will discuss details of your session, select dates and I will then forward you an invoice for the retainer to hold your spot.  A non-refundable retainer and a signed online contract is required to book our sessions. I accept credit cards online, or email interac transfers. The final payment is due 30 days before your session (or immediately for last minute bookings).

How long does the session last?

As an long-time professional, my sessions are smooth and efficient. No time is wasted due to inexperience. 🙂

Newborn sessions Up to 2 hours.  Clients feed baby before arriving at the studio so that baby is full and sleepy and ready to go upon arrival.

Old baby play session: less than 1 hour (baby has limited patience as well)

Maternity sessions: less than 1 hour, gowns are chosen online in advance so that session time is spent shooting and not looking at fabric on hangers. Our gowns fit XS to size XL.

Where is your studio located?

My studio is in the new part of Langley, near 200th street – it’s an easy 20-30 minute drive from Vancouver along highway 1.  I am happy to serve clients from not only the Fraser Valley, but from Vancouver, North Vancouver, and all of the Lower Mainland as well.   It is very common for my “out of town” city clients to arrive up to 45 minutes early because the trip was so easy and short! It takes about the same amount of time to drive across Vancouver to UBC as it does to drive to our studio! 🙂

Do you travel to client’s homes to do sessions? 
My lighting, props, and backdrops are not portable, so all newborn and baby sessions take place in my cosy and relaxing studio. It’s not uncommon for parents to watch me work with their newborn for a few minutes, then go take a nap in the nursing room or on the couch in the main studio. As a mother myself, I understand how it’s important to rest in the postpartum period, and I work to keep baby calm and peaceful so you can rest and relax knowing that baby is safe and in good hands!

Why are posed newborn session done so early?

Newborns younger than 14 days old sleep through almost anything and are naturally curled up. I love creating beautiful portraits of teeny tiny, curly, sleepy newborns. At 14/15 days old, baby goes through a developmental growth spurt that makes them very fussy, easily startled, uncurled, and acne/flaking sets in.  Growth spurts mean non-stop cluster feeding and stress for the mother, so it is important to come in early, before that difficult age begins.

 I don’t know when baby will come. How do we schedule his posed newborn session?

I’ll make a note of your due date on the studio calendar. Then, pretend I’m immediate family! If anything changes or you get a scheduled c-section date, let me know via email, phone, or even text message. I ask that clients contact me within 48 hours of baby’s birth so that we can book a session for when baby is 7-14 days old.

What if baby had to stay in the NICU for past day 14?

In the case of extended NICU stays or last minute bookings, your session will turn into a natural newborn session, which is a lifestyle white-on-white session.  Older newborns can’t pose or be placed in props and are more likely to be awake and swaddled for their session – but I love to capture their open eyes and the beginnings of their relationship with their parents.

I’m a new mom. I’m worried I’ll forget the diapers or something!

I provide the amenities of home and nursery so new parents can venture out in confidence and comfort, knowing that even if they forget something at home, I’ve got them covered!  Some things I provide: changing table, bath tub, private bathroom + towels, diapers, wipes, blankets, swaddles, burp cloths, nursing cushions, nursing chairs and footstools, couch, table and chairs and an assortment of toys for siblings, light reading material, water bottles,  access to microwave and fridge (bottle storage), and more!  And no…you don’t need to bring props. 🙂

My baby doesn’t look as expected, can you fix it?

We do provide gentle retouching for baby (skin tones, light and natural retouching to minimize flakiness, etc), but do ask that you request us to do any specific removals (like birth marks, stork bites, etc).

I want to include a sibling in our newborn session, but it says siblings can only be added to an older newborn session. Why can’t I bring sibling to a posed session when baby is a week old?

Even for siblings who are excited during pregnancy, the arrival of baby is a HUGE and very stressful adjustment that takes time – for both the sibling and parents. Young siblings, especially toddlers, are very, very demanding and emotional in the early days and parents are universally overwhelmed by trying to care for a new baby as well as a clinging sibling who is acting out constantly in a cry for attention. In most cases, the added dynamics of an early session all about baby makes the sibling’s reactions extreme.

I’m only including siblings in older newborn sessions, which are held 4-10 weeks old and are a lifestyle, family- oriented session. By that time, parents are in a routine and feel less overwhelmed and panicked, the toddler is used to baby, and baby is awake and interactive, which makes for beautiful photos of siblings interacting and a better experience for everyone involved.
Read more about it here: https://alexandrahuntblog.com/toddler-jealous-of-new-baby/

What do I need to wear and what should I bring?

After booking your session, I will send you a pdf guide on what to expect and how to prepare for your session.  Detailed information is provided to ensure that you get the very best from your photography session, including a comprehensive guide on ‘what to wear’.  You will need to have appropriate underwear and come with your hair and makeup already done. I provide wardrobe for moms who wish to use my pieces.

Do you offer a registry?

I only make bookings directly with the actual mother, but friends or family are welcome to contact me to make donations toward your photography packages.

What forms of payment do you accept?
I accept major credit cards online, or email interac transfers. I do not accept cash.

We’re on a budget. Can you give us a discount?
No, and tax is not optional for a legally run business. My packages are designed to both offer value already but to also cover the costs of running a business and providing a living wage to support my family.

What does my package include?

All of our packages includes the time at the studio with me (Alexandra Hunt), professional editing of your images, access to our props and accessories, a personal printing release and printing guide, as well as digital files (full-size, full-resolution, in colour, black and white, and web-sized versions).  Digital files allow you to print your images where, when, and how you want, so your package does not include any prints or fine art products.

What if I need to reschedule?

I understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise, so if you must change your session date please contact me at your earliest opportunity (we ask for 72 hours notice), I cannot promise that a new date will be available in the time frame that you request, and rescheduling fees are charged to offset our loss. I turn away other inquiries when your session is booked, so no-show clients are not eligible for refunds. The retainer fee is always nonrefundable. If the photographer needs to reschedule, I will contact you to arrange a new date. For full terms and conditions, see the contract (at booking) or send me an email with additional questions.

Our sessions are Monday-Friday, weekends are not normally available, only upon special request at an additional cost of + $150.

When will our photos be ready to view?

It depends on the time of year – but generally most clients have their finished images very quickly. If I am sick, or it is a holiday rush, the contract gives me grace of 3-4 weeks. In general though, your proofing gallery is generally sent within a day, and your finished downloadable gallery is usually done within 2 weeks or less!

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