OLDER BABY SESSION (4-11 months old)

Older baby play sessions (6-11 MONTHS OLD) are a wonderful way to capture  baby’s personality and connection with parents. Think of these short and sweet sessions as a playdate – with a camera! Full of expressions and proud of their new abilities, older babies are a real delight!

WHAT TO EXPECT: We follow baby’s lead and take images on our simple backdrops (white seamless, bed, light or dark wood) as baby warms up while playing with Mommy and Daddy, and then has images by itself. Minimal props are used, and only when developmentally appropriate. Siblings are not included in this session.

NOTE: Parents must participate and be in photos, as they help baby relax and get used to the studio environment. This is especially true for babies who are nervous around strangers.



Maternity, newborn, and baby photo studio


located in langley, british columbia