how to make a cookie buffet for your wedding


Cookie buffets are a trend-turning-classic. Who doesn’t love edible favors that AREN’T stale jordan almonds?
Cookie, Cookie, Cookie – cookie starts with C! Whoops! Too much Sesame Street for this Mama! 🙂

Anyhoo, cookie buffets are awesome, because they’re a favor AND reception eye candy AND a great DIY project. Also, this is a great way to incorporate family members – maybe ask the ladies you love to donate a couple dozen of their signature creations! (psst – this makes your life WAY easier!)


  • collect glass containers and cake stands of various heights and shapes. Try thrift stores as well as home goods stores and craft departments.
  • Collect small boxes (or large books) to place underneath the cookie jars and stagger the heights some more for visual interest
  • get tablecloths in your chosen colours (white is standard)
  • create a banner to swag across the table (“love is sweet”  or “mr + mrs” or “come get some”…joking)
  • use your printer or scrapbook paper and ribbons to make festive labels for each cookie jar
  • gather tongs and mini paper bags or cardboard take out boxes (try Michaels) for guests to put their cookies inside
  • make sure to incorporate your wedding colours and theme – try placing decorative elements (flowers, pom-poms, vintage objects) around the table
  • signage! Chalkboard or printed, a cute and clever sign takes your buffet to the next level!
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