Just over a week ago, on a sunny but misty September day, Jennifer and Shaun pledged their love, said their vows, and with a kiss, sealed a bond that had been in the making for almost a decade.  Married by the Pacific Ocean at Long Beach Lodge, Tofino, British Columbia, with the sounds of the surf crashing against the nearby rocky cliffs, it was a wedding to remember, always.

 Small and intimate, their ceremony at Long Beach Lodge was attended by their closest friends and family. Jen liked the song from their engagement session slideshow so much that she chose it as her processional song! I was thrilled that it meant so much to her. 🙂

I only had a short time with Jen and Shaun that day – but my goodness, I could have shot in Tofino FOREVER! Absolutely spectacular! Future Tofino brides – you are going to have to PEEL me off the beach! 😉

As mentioned before, it was a beautiful blue-sky sunny sort of day. Portraits were planned on Long Beach, but because it was a long weekend, the sand was dotted with families and surfers everywhere you looked. Inwardly I sighed, because who wants beach bodies in their formal portraits? – and I knew that it would involve heavy amounts of post-wedding Photoshopping. I cut my teeth on Photoshop as a child in my father’s office, but still. UGH.

So, I sent up a little prayer to God, and I KID YOU NOT, fifteen seconds later this enormous, white, swirly sea mist enveloped the entire beach. Hairy beer bellies and babies, alike, all of the other beach-goers literally disappeared into the mist around us and I was left with a blank slate to work with! Hallelujah! 🙂

 Jen chose a really unique colour palette for her wedding – vibrant red, orange, yellow (semi-tropical, very fall), and a slate blue-grey. She was, and I quote, trying to “invoke the natural palette of West Coast BC.” Uh, yeah. It worked – beautifully! 🙂

Jen and Shaun, it was a pleasure and privilege to be your wedding photographer. I wish you every happiness in the world.

Did you miss their beautiful engagement session? Check it out here! 



official photographer| Alexandra Hunt

dress | Victoria Lane BridalMon Cheri: Kalia

florist | Crabapple Floral, Mathieu Amin

baker | Long Beach Lodge

makeup/Hair | Lisa Murphy

invitations | Jen Makar

officiant | Rene Gibson


ceremony venue |  Long Beach Lodge, Tofino

reception venue|  Long Beach Lodge, Tofino



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