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On their very first day working at a youth conference, they sat and ate lunch together.  Friendship turned into something else, and one day, while hiking, Tyler proposed to his lovely (and delightfully quirky!) Kim.  Together, they love hiking, exploring new restaurants, watching movies, and simply being together. That sounds simply perfect to me. 🙂

Kim and Tyler’s engagement session was held at the Vancouver Aquarium – many thanks to the Aquarium for permission to shoot, to Kim and Tyler for putting up with crowds watching them, and to the animals for being such willing models!

If you don’t know, these whales are called “Belugas” – they’re native to the Canadian Arctic, and are white (to stand out in dark waters) and fat because of the large amounts of blubber (read:insulation) under their skin!Canvas, anyone? Favourite! 🙂

2012 MAY - KIM TYLER - ENGAGEMENT-2318 copy2012 MAY - KIM TYLER - ENGAGEMENT-2349 copy2012 MAY - KIM TYLER - ENGAGEMENT-2364 copy2012 MAY - KIM TYLER - ENGAGEMENT-2377 copy

Only two days before, a new exhibit opened with rescued African Cape Town penguins. Aren’t they dashing?2012 MAY - KIM TYLER - ENGAGEMENT-2709 copy


2012 MAY - KIM TYLER - ENGAGEMENT-2687 copy2012 MAY - KIM TYLER - ENGAGEMENT-2412 copy2012 MAY - KIM TYLER - ENGAGEMENT-2431 copy copy2012 MAY - KIM TYLER - ENGAGEMENT-2663 copy2012 MAY - KIM TYLER - ENGAGEMENT-2445 copy - Copy2012 MAY - KIM TYLER - ENGAGEMENT-2455 copy - Copy2012 MAY - KIM TYLER - ENGAGEMENT-2694 copy2012 MAY - KIM TYLER - ENGAGEMENT-2504 copy2012 MAY - KIM TYLER - ENGAGEMENT-2505 copy2012 MAY - KIM TYLER - ENGAGEMENT-2513 copy - Copy2012 MAY - KIM TYLER - ENGAGEMENT-2523 copy2012 MAY - KIM TYLER - ENGAGEMENT-2533 copyI’d like to see this with a matching photo taken fifty years in the future! Aww!2012 MAY - KIM TYLER - ENGAGEMENT-2552 copy2012 MAY - KIM TYLER - ENGAGEMENT-2579 copy2012 MAY - KIM TYLER - ENGAGEMENT-2600 copy2012 MAY - KIM TYLER - ENGAGEMENT-2609 copy2012 MAY - KIM TYLER - ENGAGEMENT-2635 copy2012 MAY - KIM TYLER - ENGAGEMENT-2657 copy2012 MAY - KIM TYLER- ENGAGEMENT-2373 b

Love these.

Kim and Tyler, thanks so much for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I can’t WAIT for your big day! 🙂

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  • Melanie PerreaultI was so happy to see these! You both look fabulous. I especially liked the starfish above Kim’s head- like some form of chique facinator.ReplyCancel

  • Terry Lynn KennedyLovely pictures! See you on the 9th!ReplyCancel

  • Roop Nijjaromg tyler u guys look amazing! your all gowin up! congratsReplyCancel

  • Tyler KennedyThanks for the photos Alexandra; you certainly catch us in our best light!ReplyCancel

  • NinaSo beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Moises CastroCongrats tyler & kim! I’m really happy for both of you! Wish you all best in your marriage!ReplyCancel

  • Lauralee MajeauWOW! These photos are fantastic Tyler! You both look great! And so photogenic! I especially love the one with your shadows against the blue water-it’s stunning! Congrats 🙂 When is your big day?!ReplyCancel

  • Hailey HarteWow, these are absolutely brilliant you guys!!ReplyCancel

  • Roop Nijjaromg tyler u guys look amazing! your all gowin up! congratsReplyCancel

  • Tyler KennedyIt’s in 10 days, june 9th!ReplyCancel

  • Leviena Soorsma Boychukwonderful pictures 🙂ReplyCancel

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