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Just this weekend I shot my very first wedding. As a lifestyle photographer, my focus and forte is portraits -families, babies, children, the occasional puppy or chicken. You get the picture. I met Larna outside of work, and was stunned (and delighted) when she told me how much she loved my photography, because

a) how did she find my website?
b) really? she liked my work?

But then again, I suppose this site wasn’t so very hard to locate on the big triple W (umm – hello, it contains my name). Reconciling myself to the fact that someone actually did like my work was a little bit harder. I am my own worst critic, and because I constantly see room for improvement, I often lose sight of the fact that I am improving. Go figure!

However, Larna, as I said, loved my photography and showed this site to her charming partner, Greg. And when they got engaged . . . wait for it . . .  they asked me to be their wedding photographer.

Hold on – sit down – let’s take a minute to breathe –

And as long as that took (not very long), I said yes, and we met, and I showed up, and I shot their wedding. It was a small, seemingly casual affair that was so intimate, and so bursting with love that not an eye was dry in the ceremony and every face was lit up with a grin.

I promise I’ll show more, and I’ll tell you more (there’s a lot to say), but let me quote the inimitable Tina Turner on this:

What’s love got to do with it?



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  • cara @ lillian and leonardCongratulations! you are going to have an amazing career ahead of you.

    (and OF COURSE she liked your work, silly!)


  • Alexandra Hunt@ Sara: Thank you! That blurriness you’re referring to is called "bokeh" by photographers, and is a product of certain settings on your lens and the distance your subject is away from the background. Thanks for the heads up on the error message!


  • SaraIn one word—beautiful! I don’t know what you call that kind of shot with the background all distorted and focused more on the couple, but I love it 🙂 Congrats on your first wedding. I know this will be one of MANY to come in your future as a photographer.

    P.S. I guess there was a problem with my website URL and the error message was in a tiffany blue color, kinda hard to read. Not sure if you knew about that color.


  • LarnaI love this teaser! I held back and read what you had to say, hoping beyond hope that I wouldn’t be disappointed by my first look at one of the shots. As soon as we saw it I turned to Greg and said " I love it! See, this is why we picked her!" Awesome job, can’t wait to see the rest.

    Love Larna & Greg


  • dawnGreat job Ally!! I’m almost wanting two photographers at my wedding now…you and my friend Duncan. If only it wasn’t so pricey to have two!




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