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Meagan and Josiah’s Abbotsford wedding was held on the groom’s family’s walnut farm. A wedding at home – it truly was a wedding that felt like everything that HOME defines. Thanks to Vanessa Voth for hiring me as second wedding photographer, and many thanks to Josiah and Megan for letting me share such a special day.

I’ve never witnessed such a Spirit-filled, cup-overflowing-with-love sort of wedding. What a blessing, and what an honor to photograph! From start to finish, this wedding and union was filled with the little touches and big efforts that are only possible when two familes and two individuals are completely and unreservedly joining together as one. SO. MUCH. JOY.

A dress, loved, and chosen carefully.

A daughter, loved and treasured.

A groom, trying to still the butterflies within.

A father-in-law-to-be, being a father, the little tweaks of a tie, of a cuff that say,

“welcome to the family, welcome home.”

Meagan and Josiah held their “First Look” in the hazelnut grove. The light was dreamy, the moment was perfect.

This, ladies and gentleman, is what love looks like (and is a perfect example of why seeing each other before the ceremony is SO AWESOME!)

The ceremony was held in the backyard – and what a backyard! What a view! The afternoon reception for Meagan and Josiah was held on the lawn underneath the shade of some massive trees. I was amazed by the love and effort that went into the delicious meal – Meagan’s family hand-prepared the food, packaging, and baskets for all of the guests. They ate picnic-style on the grass! It was so intimate, and a great way to relax and, well, celebrate!

Thanks again to Vanessa, and to Meagan and Josiah, for letting me share in your special day. Best wishes for a happy and blessed life together!

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