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7 days ago Gurjit and Arif tied the knot at the beautiful UBC Boathouse in Richmond, B.C.  This is their one week-a-versary – so congratulations to the happy newlyweds! It was a pleasure and a privilege to capture their special day, and I must say, there is no better suited match for either of them. They’re completely meant to be! 🙂

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official photographer| Alexandra Hunt

associate photographer | Dale Stevenson

invitations | Kevin Mak Design

caterer | Taj Sweets & Restaurant – Raja

florist | Didi’s Flowers – Raj

baker | Cynthia’s Custom Cakes

DJ | DJ Hark Athwal

event styling + decor | Posh Planners

makeup + hair | Vanity’s Child + tarte vixen styling

ceremony venue |  UBC Boathouse

reception venue|  UBC Boathouse

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Gurjit was the sparkliest bride I have ever seen – her rich purple sari was just GORGEOUS, and her wedding jewellry was to die for…




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Gurjit and Arif’s wedding ceremony was held at the UBC Boathouse in Richmond, British Columbia. A very unique venue – I loved the stark West Coast simplicity of it!
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I loved how Gurjit and Arif were “drummed” in – it definitely started the night out with the right beat! (ha! I crack myself up!)

I love capturing and learning about different cultural wedding traditions. Gurjit is Punjabi Sikh, and Arif is Muslim, so there’s a lot of love – and traditions – going tinto their marriage.

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Thanks again for choosing me as your wedding photographer – it was a pleasure and a privilege.



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