what happens in Québec, stays in Québec

Surprisingly, all of our flights together went well. By “we” I mean Harvey and I (Hubby flew to Québec earlier that week), and by “well,” I mean spectacular. No barking, crying, or wetting of unwettable surfaces. Oh, and Harvey was good too. 😉

We flew from Winnipeg to Toronto, and have a lovely five hour stop-over in the Toronto airport. Seeing the “dogs must be kept in kennels at all times” signs everywhere made me nervous, so we spent a couple of hours pacing outside on the pavement. The taxi drivers and arriving passengers thought I was nuts. Harvey thought I was nuts. I really wanted some nuts, so I snuck Harvey into a restaurant and fed him bits of apple and banana and a grilled Dijon pita wrap. Very covert.

We finally boarded our next flight after another very thorough pat-down in security. Harvey’s collar kept beeping during the metal-detection, so he had to be frisked…apparently, fluffy dogs are a security risk! 🙂 Two hours later, we touched down in Québec. Harvey was so good, and so absolutely silent that even our seat mates were unaware that there was a dog under the seat!

Good boy!

All of that good behaviour had its toll, however. A reunion with Mr. Shortcake at our hotel, and one walkie in the Plains of Abraham later, he had had enough.

Back in our room, he discovered how to open the mini bar…

“I’ve had a really ruff day. I think a little congnac will help me unwind.”

Are you sure you can handle it, Harvey?


“Oh, yes. I’m a big boy. Don’t worry about me, Mommy.”

Woah, Harvey. That’s a lot of booze you’ve got there!

“Variety is the spice of life, as they say, Mommy! Help me open this champagne, will you?”



Holy moly, Harvey! Maybe you should slow down!

Are you okay? You don’t look so hot….

“I’m fine, Mommy, just sleepy. I just need to lay my head down for a second. Can you make the room stop spinning please?”

“I’m just going to go over here…”

“Ohhhh…I don’t feel so good…”


You know what they say – what happens in Québec, stays in Québec… 😉

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